Community Engagement

IAMO4W community listening event

We apply our skills as artists and theatre-makers to engage different communities in deep, meaningful ways. Theatre artists spend their careers thinking creatively, working in diverse teams and developing strong empathy skills.

We listen to civic, corporate and community concerns, then work with them to solve ideas creatively. This work is collaborative, fun and sparks meaningful conversation and action.

Our Current Project

Out of Hand Theater is based in Atlanta’s historic Old 4th ward neighborhood. This neighborhood is rich with history, diversity and extraordinary growth in the last decade.

In order to better serve the neighborhood, we hosted 3 community meals and listening sessions, utilizing an artist-designed information gathering experience.

We will use the information gathered to guide our artistic work over the next several years.

Are you an O4W resident or just love the neighborhood? Get in touch to add your voice.

This work was made possible with generous support and guidance from the Arthur Blank Family Foundation’s Audience Building Roundtable.

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