If you’re wanting to spice up your special event – or to make your queue line truly unforgettable – then hire our talented and trusted entertainers for some custom-made, Interactive Guest Entertainment.

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At our core, we offer activities and entertainment for hire in Atlanta. But, as our Co-Artistic Director Ariel Fristoe likes to say:

“Out of Hand Theater is different from other theater groups here in Atlanta in that we don’t run a venue, and that’s on purpose. Our mission is to bring the arts to people in places that might not have them otherwise. So we go out into the community and perform shows, create games, and run workshops inside of local parks, cars, living rooms, and office buildings.”

You can use Out of Hand Theater’s custom-made, Interactive Guest Entertainment to:

Begin the guest experience on a strong foot as people wait in line on high-attendance days

Enhance your customers’ enjoyment during holiday or other peak times

Provide brand-specific entertainment at corporate events of any size, and at any place

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So if you’re looking for costumed characters sporting your brand to rove around your event and offer guests tiny gifts, or if you want someone larger-than-life to interact with your customers while entertaining them with juggling, magic, and music, then our troupe knows just how to take a small moment and make it into something memorable.