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The Dogwood Quest, all new for 2019

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April 13th, 2019
2 – 4pm
@ The Atlanta Dogwood Festival

The Dogwood Fairy needs YOU to save the summer! Help the Dogwood Fairy find her missing magical incantation to bring the summer season, flowers, and festivities. Along the way you will meet both friend and foe, including a troll, gardener, fortune teller, elf, librarian, and bard. But you will have to hurry! You only have two hours to solve the puzzles and find the incantation before the season is lost. Gather your team and see if you have what it takes!

The Dogwood Quest, formerly called The Game, is an adventure theatre puzzle hunt and will take place at the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park on April 14th at 2pm. The Quest is Free to play, but registration is required. Stop by our booth prior to 2pm to pick up your race bib and other things you’ll need to complete your quest.

Play on a team of 2 – 5. Please have everyone register.

Out of Hand makes custom scavenger hunt inspired races for neighborhoods, businesses and festivals. What makes our scavenger hunt games unique? Participants interact with architecture, actors, and found object, solving puzzles and working together. Out of Hand’s annual hunt called The Game is free to the public.
The Game Atlanta Scavenger Hunt
scavenger hunt atlantaWith the Atlanta-Journal Constitution’s Living Intown Magazine, Out of Hand has created 10 seasons of neighborhood specific Games. By interacting with architecture, monuments, parks, historic sites, public art, businesses and services organizations, where you must gather hidden clues, you will experience your city like never before, while creating a unique public art spectacle for thousands of passersby.
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What is a scavenger puzzle hunt?


It’s everything you love about a scavenger hunt, with added difficulty and suspense. You race with a team. Each puzzle you solve leads to a new clue. All the clues add up in the end to lead to a meta-clue. Clues can be anywhere or anyone. You will find yourself asking #isitthegame?.

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