We build shows for Atlanta in Atlanta.

Out of Hand builds original shows in Atlanta. Since 2001, our shows have played in theatres, parks, warehouses, cars, offices and businesses throughout Atlanta. Many of our original shows have toured the United States and Europe, while others have been published and produced by other companies around the globe.  Every Fall, we produce a play in private living rooms across Atlanta.  Each Spring we launch a new game free for the city.  Let’s do something great together.

Don't miss our new play, performed in living rooms.

September 28th - November 17th, 2018.
A new play with music performed in living rooms across Atlanta.

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Here are some of our shows for theatres, living rooms, cars, fields, and other intimate venues.


In collaboration with The Workshop.
 2015 – Historic 4th Ward Park.
2016 – Fire in the 4th Festival

Group Intelligence

In partnership with the Center for Chemical Evolution, NASA, National Science Foundation. US Tour, European Tour

The Breakup

In partnership with Zipcar.

Us Tour, UK tour, private events.


In partnership with Yerkes Primate Research Center, Emory University and The Lunatics. Atlanta Show and European Tour.

Mental Fitness

In collaboration with Mental Fitness, a STEAM program in Atlanta.

Titus Clown

In partnership with the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern.