Shows, Games, Public Art, Creativity Workshops

Since 2001, Out of Hand has made shows, games and public art in Atlanta. We offer creativity workshops for businesses and civic organizations. We provide free arts leadership training to Atlanta youth and create theatrical education programs for use around the world.

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Staff and Board of Directors

Ariel Fristoe, Co-Artistic Director

Ariel Fristoe

Creator. Mom & Foster Mom. Cookbook Junkie.

I’m the founder and Co-Artistic and Development Director of Out of Hand Theater. Since 2001, I’ve led  partnerships with dozens of organizations to create innovative, smart, fun events that build community and promote social change.  

Adam Fristoe

Adam Fristoe

Experience designer. Dad joker. That guy on TV.

I direct, act, create, coach and teach Out of Hand’s style of creation and creativity. I handle marketing and is an artistic leader. You can catch me on television shows like The Walking Dead, NCIS: New Orleans and Teen Wolf. 

Erin Parker

Purveyor of non profits. Spreadsheet enthusiast.
Boy mom.

I handle all things financial and contractual. I take pride in keeping Out of Hand healthy, responsible and in the black. Since 2010, when I came on board, we’ve grown the organization’s budget over three times and generated a surplus each year creating financial stability for the company.

Maureen Downs

Maker of games. Player of games. Unashamed musical theatre nerd. Cat lady.

I manage all things game and education. I love to share my passion for theater with younger generations by mentoring student stage managers at Theater Emory and advocates for increased arts education opportunities in public schools. I am an avid player of obscure board games and enjoys creating new interactive gaming opportunities that blend theater and gaming together.

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Board of Directors

Sarah LaFantano, President
Alston & Bird

Lara Ferreira, Vice President
CDM Lighting Design Group

Shane Little, Treasurer
Avenue Realty

Marti Breen
C3 Marketing

Jordan Flowers
Wedding Belles

Dan Goldberger
Atlanta Dream

Nathalie Mason-Fleury

Kevin Onabiyi
Atlanta International School

Kimberly Turner
Madison Miles Media & Nonsense