Out of Hand Theater makes shows, games and more in Atlanta.

A new Atlanta Play performed in homes. Shaking the Wind. Written and performed by Minka Wiltz.
September 21st - November 17th, 2018
A new play with music performed in living rooms across Atlanta.
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Hear Minka sing in San Diego Rep's black Pearl Sings.

Last year's show in homes, Dogs of Rwanda.


We make shows in homes, parks, cars and other intimate spaces, sometimes even in a theatre. Learn more.


We make immersive games for cities, festivals, colleges, companies and communities. Learn more.

Atlanta Games and Scavenger Hunts


We help people connect with their cities, businesses, schools and, of course, each other. Learn more.

Community Engagement


We provide free arts classes to Atlanta’s most at-risk kids with in-school and after-school programs. Learn more.

Creative Kids Theatre Classes

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Out of Hand makes shows, games and public art, for venues including parks, homes, businesses and theaters. Through annual free public arts events and original works, we embrace new audiences, celebrate community, and create moments of mass intimacy. We collaborate with scientists, artists, businesses, schools and civic organizations to create events reflecting their work, we train others to unlock their creativity and to innovate, and we bring Atlanta public art to thousands of people in Atlanta and beyond every year.

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