Shows, Games, Public Art, Creativity Workshops

Since 2001, Out of Hand has made shows, games and public art in Atlanta. We offer creativity workshops for businesses and civic organizations. We provide free arts leadership training to Atlanta youth and create theatrical education programs for use around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make shows, games and public art, for venues including parks, homes, businesses and theaters. Through annual free public arts events and original works, we embrace new audiences, celebrate community, and create moments of mass intimacy. We collaborate with scientists, artists, businesses, schools and civic organizations to create events reflecting their work, we train others to unlock their creativity and to innovate, and we bring free public art to thousands of people every year.
We work with businesses, attractions and museums to design, develop and administer entertainments based on the client’s brand, mission, and values and tailored to the architecture of their spaces. Custom-Made Guest Entertainment can be used to begin the guest experience while guests wait in line on peak attendance days, enhance guest experience at holiday or other peak times, or provide brand-specific entertainment at corporate events.

Creativity Workshops for Business

Our Creativity Training is a proven 6-step system for generating ideas and solving problems by structuring innovation and removing the obstacles to creativity. Creativity Training is not just for creatives. Creativity Training is for all levels of management or entry level, mid level and upper management, for anyone whose work involves problem solving, or who, if given tools and opportunity, might boost your company’s productivity, streamline processes, improve customer experience, enhance brand image or increase profits. Contact us for your Creativity Workshop.

  • Out of Hand makes innovative, compelling new work.
  • We partner with passionate, world-class experts to make work that matters.
  • We make new work with and for communities about what matters to them.
  • We create interactive, intimate experiences that reach out to new audiences, both inside theaters and in public spaces.
  • We train artists and non-artists to use creativity and collaboration to communicate through the arts.
  • We tour our work to bring intimate, interactive theater experiences that matter to new audiences.
  • Out Of Hand creates razor-sharp, delight-filled experiences by involving the audience in a new way every time, causing moments of mass intimacy, and embracing those who are unreached by conventional theater.
  • We involve communities in our work through collaborations and interactive productions that blur the line between artist and audience.
  • Out of Hand is dedicated to the City of Atlanta and the ability of art to improve quality of life for all.
We believe in it. We have spent our lives dedicated to storytelling and bringing people together through art and creativity. We want to share our expertise and engage our community.

And it’s fun.

Write to us.

Tell us about yourself. Volunteer. Pitch a project. Join the Board of Directors. Participate in our events. Make a donation. Introduce us to people, companies and communities.

Thank you in advance!

Staff and Board of Directors

Big Love


Co-Artistic Director

Ariel Fristoe directs, acts, creates, coaches and teaches Out of Hand’s work. Ariel serves as grant writer and artistic leader. 



Managing Director

Erin Parker handles all things financial and contractual. She keeps Out of Hand healthy, responsible and in the black. 



Co-Artistic Director

Adam Fristoe directs, acts, creates, coaches and teaches
Out of Hand’s work. He handles marketing and is an artistic leader.

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Board of Directors

Sarah LaFantano, President
Alston & Bird

Lara Ferreira, Vice President
CDM Lighting Design Group

Shane Little, Treasurer
Avenue Realty

Marti Breen
C3 Marketing

Jordan Flowers
Wedding Belles

Dan Goldberger
Atlanta Dream

Julie Harris
Centers for Disease Control

Nathalie Mason-Fleury

Kevin Onabiyi
Atlanta International School

Kimberly Turner
Madison Miles Media & Nonsense